Saturday, March 31, 2012


- Put green food coloring in someones black coffee and watch their teeth turn green.
- Replace the sugar with the salt
-Set a clock back an hour for someone going to work. See how far they get before realizing the real time.
- Get in your parents/friend/significant others car when they dont know, when they begin driving, whisper "Where do you think your going?"...(make sure they arent on a busy road)
- Tell your friends you are moving across the country. How long can you keep the joke up?
- Change your friends Ringtone to an embarrasing noise and call them when around other people.hahhahahaha
- Iphone has a cracked screen app. Thats always a good one!
-Blow up a bunch of balloons and set up a trap for them to drop all over when opening the door. This would be great for a kid!
-MY ALL TIME FAVORITE AND I ALWAYS GET MY HUSBAND WITH IT , rubber band around the sink hose, when they turn on the sink, they get sprayed!


  1. Toss an ice cold cup of water over the top of the shower curtain while husband is taking a hot shower!

  2. HAHAHAHAHA That is awesome! ... And will be very funny! (for me at least), please tell me you played some tricks today?