Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Christmas for Halloween!

EDIT: this is now available as Made to Order on my Etsy Shop! Reindeer Hat an LegWarmer Set  $30.00 http://etsy.me/1aMci2E
I could not come up with a costume fr miss Scarlett . As I was getting a jump start on Christmas crocheting I said "duhh" the rudolf hat I was making could BE her costume! So here we have it!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Felt Pumpkin Building

Today the kids and I made felt pumpkins. They used their face building skills as well as counting the pieces of what they needed. We then decided we had four pumpkins each for our family! Too cute! Scarlett loved the fact that she could put more then 2 eyes on hers haha

Crochet USMC Dress Blues

Here it is- finished! Crocheted Newborn USMC Dress Blues Hat and Diaper Cover! I am very proud of this one. I even had my Mom offer to go to the Navy Base to get me the Gold emblem! :) Perfect! 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Crochet all Day

So I have been pretty consumed with doing art projects with the kids, cleaning the house, working, cooking meals, and of course crocheting all day. I have my Etsy store and have been self promoting a lot however I still await some sales. I know because I have read many many reviews on how it   will always take time for the firsts to come so I won't be giving up. I don't care how many facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, or Flicker, people I may be annoying with my posts (if any, there has to be, there always is) but I will do what it takes I suppose. I have so much fun crocheting little things such as this little IPhone cover I made yesterday 
I find this is very cute! I will be making a couple more at least. I am also going to be making labels for my items because I think that will do good. I have to wait of course because I am currently in thinking mode for a new shop name as well so I can hold a re grand opening! :) maybe I should name it after my blog? Momma all ovr the place? That idea literally just came to me so I think it might be a winner. Confirmation post will come at some point. Anyways I also made this adorable Candy corn hat as well as the owl :) 
There are a ton more things but I don't have time now to post. Feedback is always welcome as I know this blog drives a little audience! Thank you to you fans :)