Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Crochet all Day

So I have been pretty consumed with doing art projects with the kids, cleaning the house, working, cooking meals, and of course crocheting all day. I have my Etsy store and have been self promoting a lot however I still await some sales. I know because I have read many many reviews on how it   will always take time for the firsts to come so I won't be giving up. I don't care how many facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, or Flicker, people I may be annoying with my posts (if any, there has to be, there always is) but I will do what it takes I suppose. I have so much fun crocheting little things such as this little IPhone cover I made yesterday 
I find this is very cute! I will be making a couple more at least. I am also going to be making labels for my items because I think that will do good. I have to wait of course because I am currently in thinking mode for a new shop name as well so I can hold a re grand opening! :) maybe I should name it after my blog? Momma all ovr the place? That idea literally just came to me so I think it might be a winner. Confirmation post will come at some point. Anyways I also made this adorable Candy corn hat as well as the owl :) 
There are a ton more things but I don't have time now to post. Feedback is always welcome as I know this blog drives a little audience! Thank you to you fans :)

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