Thursday, March 14, 2013

Saint Patrick's Day MINI TOPHAT

Who doesn't love a Mini Top Hat?? I know I cant resist. I was on a mission around Halloween to find a mini top hat headband and succeeded- Of course it was very much over priced but I bought it anyways. This Saint Patrick's Day (as any) we go to the Parade in our town and we dress the part for the day. I have crocheted Timmy a leprechaun hat (as seen in a previous post) and Scarlett actually scored an adorable Irish hat from the Christmas tree shop we got for $1.00 (I will probably end up making her something anyways). I did crochet myself a green beanie, however I wanted a mini to hat headband/ or hair clip. I ended up figuring it out in about three seconds on how to make a tiny green top hat and it takes a whole 15 minutes to complete one (probably faster). Dress it with a little Gold ribbon and there you have it! I am going to tie or glue it to a headband when I make it to the dollar store to grab some! 

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