Thursday, May 3, 2012

Baby Food Jars Recycled

I love little glass jars, or any glass jar for that matter. Yesterday I caught a sale on baby food (in glass jars), on sale. I usually get the 2 pack of baby foods in plastic containers, but this time I was saving money and knew I could turn the jars into something...why not?! So here I am gathering some ideas from around the internet and I will pick one of soon as Miss Scarlett eats up all her food!

This is too cute!crocheted around for a sweet candle lit glow! Consider it already done.
 borrowed from:

I am in love with this. I need one. When I own a house, I can see this being a project for above the kitchen or dining room table. borrowed from:

Are you absolutely kidding me?? This is amazing! Just my style, Are those Hemp strings? If not, mine will be!
borred from:

This will be made within the next couple of hours, I am almost positive. I need a pincushion for my next craft...if all my supplies come in from Ebay soon... borrowed from:

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